Our Story

Our story begins in March 2015 when a group of friends dealing with their own individual projects, sat down and exchanged their ideas and passion on what they love. When something it is meant to happen, it simply does. After long calls, coffee meetings, brainstorming, something had to be done. It was time to create something. Something that is nice, innovative, modern, technological, dynamic, customer and human oriented…something that we love doing. Something Creative. Yes, it was time. Creative Market Services is up and running. With passion for Life We Stand Up, creating a sensation of a New Culture.


Technology is rapidly changing the workflow of companies, enterprises, individual and generally our every day life. Creative Market Services has a vision, to generate a new way to expand your services, products, links and leads throughout the world. Making it simple, easy, fast, automatic. in line with the demands of the new generation and its technological advantages and means. Most of all, you are in control. Don’t just you imagine “your business”. Make it happen. After all you won’t be alone in this journey. Our team will be alongside with you turning your idea in to your reality.It’s an awesome feeling.


Creative Market Service is a group of people from different countries and cultures sharing the same strong sense of Technology and Performance. Our target is to help companies, enterprises, start-up’s, to share their products, services, ideas into the Global Business Market. Our team has presence in U.K, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, The Netherlands, Turkey, Latin America and China (and more to come) in order to create direct links among different markets, aiming to increase the quality of our services and products, taking something from local to global. Web Construction like websites, landing pages, e-Shops and Mobile Applications, to management of Digital promotion and even warehousing and transportation. We get your business from the A to Z. Do you have a Cool Idea? We will support and lead you, step by step.

Creative Market Services

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